I spent a lot of years wandering the halls of Universities (including two back to back degrees) followed by a 5 year stint of employment at a large Canadian university. So, I know a little something about sabbaticals. It’s what tenured profs are allowed to do so they can go off and write their books and do important research. And, I’ve heard that God also took a sabbatical after the universe was created. I mean, can you blame her? That was a lot of creating.

So, when a client emailed me a few weeks back and told me she was taking a winter sabbatical it stirred something within me and I blurted “I want to do that too!”

A winter sabbatical feels romantic, cozy, deliberate, special.

A sabbatical means a rest from work, a hiatus. For entrepreneurs it’s a chance to work on your business and not just in it. It might mean balancing our books, re-jigging our website, developing new course material, writing a few chapters in our first book. Or just resting, reflecting and dreaming about what we really want.

What is your grander vision for this next year?

I hear this all the time “How can I work on my business when I’m so busy working in it?”  The answer? Schedule time to work on your business with the same gusto and commitment as you give to your clients.

I’m declaring a three week Winter Sabbatical beginning in mid-December.

I’ll be rejigging my website and creating content for a new suite of provisions including my first self-study courses—eek! Exciting.

What if you declared a winter sabbatical? What would that do for your heart, your soul, your bottom-line?

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