There is a rise in hidden agendas and manipulative marketing tactics in our online world.

Game players. Pretenders of generosity. Fake friendships.

We see it.  We feel it.

We cringe at the pyramid-like schemes for affiliates.

We see our peers promoting other people’s stuff with more gusto (and more bells and whistles) than they would use to promote their own programs.

We notice people offering extra prizes to appear generous and giving and in support of. But it feels off.

We watch the cliques forming and circling one another with obvious under currents of competition and insincere cross-promotion.

We observe the celebrity bandwagons people jump on because they think someone else can take them somewhere.

We feel the fake in the friendship.

We feel the pretend generosity.

We feel disappointed that they don’t see another way.

Because for us, there is another way forward.

We crave integrity. Responsibility. Substance. Transparency.

We’re here to do great things, not only for ourselves but each other.

We believe in giving without getting.

We believe in thoughtful strategy, wise decisions and honoring our own goals.

We believe we can do this and honor our relationships and our community.

We believe it’s time to do better.

Will you join us?

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