Welcome to In Her Element, my new series that shines a spotlight on some of the remarkable women entrepreneurs I get to work with. The purpose of this series is to demystify what happens in a Thought Partnership; share inspirational success stories; and to highlight tips and teaching points that might help other women entrepreneurs as they walk along their own path.

First-up, meet the rebellious and amazing Suzanne Digre.

suzanne digre

Suzanne is a motivator and mentor for women lifters and as a Certified Personal Trainer she helps men and women rock confidence in the weight room while building smokin’ hot physiques. Her online coaching programs help women break through to their untapped potential while increasing their knowledge and confidence for a lifetime. Suzanne also trains clients in the Denver area and has been lifting weights herself for over 15 years. She’s written over 200 articles about strength training, nutrition, wellness, and owning your power in the weight room and beyond.

When Suzanne first reached out to work with me, I fell in love with her incredibly cool approach to helping women find inner strength by becoming physically strong. This woman is no ordinary personal trainer. She’s developed a depth of knowledge and a unique methodology that’s about achieving inside out results. (Plus, her own dedication in the weight room just wows me–did you see those arms?!)

It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with Suzanne through the launch of her new site complete with two new programs and a more strategically positioned business that highlights her specific zone of genius. Learn more about Suzanne here.

This is Suzanne:

1. What were your top goals when you stepped into your Thought Partnership with Jac?

I wanted to expand into online group training and finally provide a community for my clients. I also wanted to know how to move my business forward in a structured, steady fashion instead of feeling stuck. And, I wanted to know how to attract the right clients – but I still needed to figure out who those people were!

2. Whenever we bring an outsider into the tender secrets of our business it can feel really vulnerable. When you hired Jac, what were you most concerned about?

I was a little anxious that I wouldn’t get enough out of the coaching to impact my income, but that was mostly a fear around my own abilities. I was afraid coaching would reveal that I wasn’t actually a good entrepreneur after all – clearly a symptom of feeling like an “imposter.”

3. What impact did your work with Jac have in your business (and life)?

The impact has literally been life changing. I’ve gained incredible confidence in everything I do with my business and clients. Jac helped validate that who I am is integral to my brand and who my right clients are. There’s an incredible validation that takes place and it freed me to be a beacon for my right clients instead of doubting my own intuition about who I could best help.

As a result of my increased confidence and clarification about my brand, I’m more confident interacting with important people in my industry, new and prospective clients, and large groups of clients. I get out there and market my services instead of hiding and holding back. I’m a leader, negotiator, and businesswoman now instead of just a coach.

4. What specifically did you achieve?

1. Within three months I’d started three online training groups with a total of 84 clients.

2. I oversaw the redesign of my web site, which now more fully reflects my message and who I help.

3. I was also able to articulate and differentiate my services so that potential clients could clearly understand which one is best for them.

4. I also surveyed my followers to get a more accurate picture of what they wanted to see from me and it helped me create my training groups.

5. I learned how to quit procrastinating and take tangible action in my business; I learned the difference between my inner critic and reality; and I learned to trust my instincts. I’d been spinning my wheels for so long without a plan or real confidence. With Jac’s help I broke through mental barriers that allowed me to move forward, and now I can’t be stopped!

5. You’ve done incredible things in the last few months, what’s been your proudest moment?

Launching online training groups was huge for me. I’ve worked harder in the last four months than I have in the past year! I think my proudest moment was launching Fierce Definition, the online training group I created on my own web site. I was completely uncertain how much interest there’d be in such a group, but I always knew deep inside that there were lots of women out there who couldn’t quite get the muscle definition they wanted. The survey I posted for my followers was key in identifying the desires out there, and I learned that I don’t have to meet them all – just the ones that are in my zone of genius. This is a huge relief. Now, when my right people find my web site, they say “Wow, you’re exactly what I was looking for!”

6. Based on what you’ve learned about yourself (all that wonderful inner work!) over the last few months, what do you find yourself wanting to share with others?

In order to set your business up for success, you must find what makes you feel passionate. You have your own zone of genius and THAT is what people need from you. You don’t have to be everything to everyone and it’s ok if some people don’t dig you. Let those people go and get a laser-like focus on the people you CAN help the most.7. As your Thought Partnership comes to an end, what are the next challenges you’re facing in your business?

I’ll need to continue what I’ve been doing without becoming complacent and hiding out again. When you have a small business you’re always in marketing mode in some form or another, even if it’s just content marketing. Got to stay fierce and focused!

8. What are your top tips for hiring a Thought Partner or Coach?

Right away I could see that Jac had my best interests at heart. She showed me that my authentic self was my best self, and she models that through her own authenticity. Jac makes the process seamless because she’s also looking for right clients. It’s critical that you click with your coach so that you can allow yourself to feel vulnerable yet safe. Get referrals from people who’ve seen results.

Suzanne Digre is a writer, group fitness coach, and 1:1 training consultant who mentors women lifters in achieving more muscle definition, strength, and health for life. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Or check out her fabulous online training programs for women who want to own it in the weight room and beyond.

Photo credit: Live4Soccer(L4S) via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

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    1. Oh fantastic! I’m thrilled you’re already digging this series, Heidi. I’m so grateful to work with women who are willing to share their stories. I anticipate several of my clients will want to manintain confidentiality and share the essence of their stories anonymously but I think that will still work wonderfully.

      So appreciating your feedback right now–thank you!

      And, yes my GOD, those arms!!! hehe.

  1. This is so refreshing to read Jac and know that we don’t all have to have it sussed all of the time. And I love that Suzanne shared her story “focused and fierce” now that’s a mantra to live and work by.

  2. I work with Suzanne in her Fierce Def group and was introduced to Jac’s blog through her just recently. Can’t say enough about how awesome the experience of working with Suzanne has been and continues to be. She is truly an amazing and inspiring coach and mentor. Thanks Jac for sharing this interview!

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