I’m thrilled to announce that I’m launching a 2nd business called BOSS of ME TEES where I’ll be creating super soft, 100% Canadian made, inspirational tees for women entrepreneurs and free spirits (there’s A LOT of us out there!). YES! I am still coaching and loving every minute of it. JacMcNeil.com isn’t going anywhere!

I’ve made room in my heart (and my calendar) for two businesses. My website should launch in late September 2015 (that’s my goal). In the meantime, please learn more and follow along on my NEW Facebook page and on Instagram. You can also jump on the #BOMTEES LIST at www.bossofmetees.com .

Words of Affirmation are my Love Language

My work has always been about helping women find their power and that continues in this new venture. We can be such a source of strength for each other, brimming with deep compassion, understanding, honesty and courage. I’m grateful for the sisterhood I have with my clients, my tribe and the women and girls in my family. I figured that comfy, sexy tees are a great way of getting this love language out there.

If you’re feeling powerful, put it on, go forth, spread words of encouragement wherever you go. And if you’re not feeling powerful, put ‘em on anyway and wear it till it’s true. Whether or not you’re your own boss – you are the boss of you.

I created Boss of Me Tees so you can be unapologetically you – whether that’s powerful, quirky, bossy, profound or sassy. I’m starting with a few designs and a few t-shirt styles that resonate most with me and my right people. My plan is to keep tweaking, improving and expanding for you.

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement–if you think this is something that might resonate, please follow along on Facebook or Instagram so you’ll know when the online store is open! Or jump on the #BOMTEES List right here: www.bossofmetees.com.

I don’t know what will happen. How can anyone truly know at the beginning of a new adventure? But I’m deeply satisfied that I didn’t let my fear decide this one for me.

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  1. Amazing! You go brave woman! You are inspiring! I love seeing these come to life. Can’t wait to order a BUNCH.

  2. SUCH an exciting new adventure! I’ve been following on Instagram and really loving seeing it come together. It aligns so perfectly with what I know about you and feels like the perfect next step somehow. Lovely too to learn more about you from your brave stories; it’s been true for me too that the times I was brave have never been a mistake, just empowering and often exhilarating. {Nothing like surprising yourself with your own daring! 😉 } I wish you all the success you wish for with BOM tees.

    1. Hey Sophie!! I’d LOVE to work with you too–fancy a retreat this fall?! LOL!!! Thanks so much for being here and for your encouraging words. xo

  3. SO excited it’s time to launch this biz out into the world!! And thank you for time and again always being who you are out in the world. Truth and inspiration just shine through it all. F. Yes!!!

      1. Oh gosh. I’m so glad it was helpful. I’ll always have your back. And can’t wait to have one of your tees on mine! Was that a cheese ball thing to say or what? But it just came out and it’s true! 🙂

  4. The more I learn about you, the longer I know you, the more I adore you! SO thrilled (like jumping-up-and-down-like-a-crazy-woman thrilled!) for you and can’t wait to get my order in! Thank you for sharing your dream with the world! We need it – and you!

  5. This…New Biz….Is….Awesomesauce! I love reading your emails/blog updates…so encouraging as I plod along as a ‘womentrepreneur’. And now, to see you being brave and starting something fresh yet so in harmony with your other work, this is admirable and something I hope to do at some point. Best wishes as you journey. Looking forward to getting a tee for me! p.s. Can this ENFP unite with the INFPs? 🙂

    1. I LOVE ENFP’s ❤️❤️❤️!! Thank you so much for your kind words, Christine. Keep plodding– keep going! Nothing GREAT happens overnight. It all takes lots of time and lots of love. So keep going!! xo

  6. Well done Jac! Looking forward to the launch of the web site and see more of the t’s. Fantastic product to share with our team of future entrepreneurs at the College. Cheers!

  7. So excited for you Jac with the launch of BOMTees!! Powerful inspiring messages on super soft cotton – these are bound to be a great success! Look forward to ordering some myself!
    Wishing you bountiful success with your new venture!
    Ann 🙂

  8. Wow – congrats, Jac. This new venture sounds awesome – what a cool thing to do. I really like the idea of having an empowering message on a T-shirt, rather than some big brand logo! Your post was so inspiring too – I find it all too easy to focus on the times when I’ve been afraid to do something, but you’ve got me thinking about my brave moments – Thank you. Wishing you every success with this wonderful new venture, and really looking forward to seeing your range of BomTees.

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