On October 7th, 2015 I launched a 2nd business called Boss of Me Tees. It’s an online apparel shop for women entrepreneurs, free spirits and quiet rebels.

Normally, I’d be tempted to spin this post into 10 Things I’ve Learned or share glimpses of my emotional journey so that I might inspire you in some way. At some point, I think I’ll do that. Lord knows I’ve acquired a lot of good gems over the past few months and I’d love to pass those on to you.

But today, I just want to honour the fact that I achieved something special for myself.

In 9 months, I created something (cool) from nothing.

I had a vague idea and I gave myself permission to follow it through from concept to end product. I said yes to hard work, a big financial investment and a steep learning curve.

I’m so proud of myself and of the Boss of Me Tees brand. I feel like I wouldn’t be walking my talk if I pretended otherwise.

If there’s one thing I could invite you to do, it’s this: Stop stepping over your achievements.


Instead, acknowledge the effort and courage it took to create something from nothing. Enjoy the moment before you jump ahead into new markers of success.

Whaddya say? Will you join me in celebrating what you accomplished this past year? The new website you built; the new program you created and launched; the new e-book you wrote; the retreat you lead; the clients you helped;  and the ideas you believed in. You truly are remarkable and you deserve to be witnessed.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and competitive and like we’re always trying to out do ourselves. It’s important to pause long enough to hold up a mirror to our accomplishments –big and small– and remember that they matter. Thank you for taking the time to be a witness to your own journey–and to mine!

Over to you

I would LOVE for you to share an achievement you’re proud of. What can we celebrate with you?

Want to learn more about my new business? Please check out these super soft, Canadian made bamboo tees right here. We’re also on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

And.. we’ve also SOLD OUT of our signature I’m The Boss Of Me tee already! Superrr exciting.


Credit: All Boss of Me Tees photos taken by the amazing Rebecca Clarke.

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  1. Jac,
    Since I own the entire collection, I must say I adore them all! Super fun to have so many uplifting and empowering options in my wardrobe! I’m celebrating finishing work with a client and expanding my work into areas I’m passionate about. A new website. Stretching myself way beyond my comfort zone. The impact of the work I am privileged to do and the clients I hold so dear to my heart. I am also celebrating a new and deeper friendship with one of the best coaches I’ve experienced. Love you!

    1. Oh darlin’ — I love you too. You deserve to be celebrated. This has been a big year of change, courage and creativity for you and it’s been extremely inspiring to watch you claim your gifts. You truly “lift as you climb” and I’m so honoured to be your friend. xo

  2. Yay! I watched you bringing this to life and it’s so fantastic! I love that you’re the model too; . 🙂 Couldn’t be happier that it’s already doing so well for you.

    I love your point about celebrating too. {Recently wrote a post about that very thing!} I’m celebrating my recent collaboration with five other artists to create a colouring book for adults. It turned out SO beautifully and I feel really proud to be part of something that’s lovely and useful.

    1. Your work is exquisite. You’re one of my favourite women to follow on Instagram. I love the way you see the world and how you share that beauty with us through your photography and your art. An adult colouring book sounds AMAZING!! I bet the collaboration was also very rewarding for you (and those who partnered with you). I’m so glad to know you, Tara. xo

  3. Dear Jac, I love what you created for yourself, your gift of the document for our 2016 vision and your invitation to celebrate. This year I created a program for women leaders that gets them to see, know and be their most compelling selves from the first session and live from the compass of their souls. I also began writing for Huff Post and that was a big deal. I’ll reflect on more later. And now, I am on an edge where I haven’t been before, and that is so refreshing. Thank you for being an inspiration and a loving, generous heart on the right side of wild! xo

    1. You’re one of the most generous souls and biggest supporters of other women that I know. Thank you for always seeing the magic in others and for encouraging them in little and big ways–what you do so naturally, really matters. And a HUGE congrats for creating a Leadership course (from nothing!) and for getting your work into the Huffington Post!! (I can say, “hey I knew her when”!!). This is your year to soar and it’s so fun to watch you fly. xo

  4. Hi Jac, congrats on what you did by creating your very cool T-shirts – so inspiring. Delighted that it’s going so well for you. Thank you for reminding us to celebrate – it’s sooo easy to forget that part! I’m celebrating launching my ‘Inspirational Authors Revealed’ podcast this year – I’m loving doing the interviews and feel in my element : ) Thank you for writing this lovely post and holding up a mirror for all of us. xo

    1. Oh thats SO cool, Leda! Congratulations on launching your podcast –it sounds really exciting. Hearing women say “I feel like I’m in my element” is so rewarding and inspiring to me. Keep going! I love that you’ve found your stride. And, thank you for celebrating BOMTEES with me too! xoxo

  5. Dear sweet Jac,
    I’m smiling ear to ear over here. Yes I’ll celebrate you! You are living breathing proof of unrelenting commitment to integrity and to living our dreams. Big time. I love that you are acknowledging your accomplishment(s). Brava!
    For me, I’m celebrating my steady progress on having greater impact by widening my reach. I’m now working with groups inside organizations I’d been terrified to approach. I’m facilitating honest soul searching conversation and deep inner work with women and men brand new to this type of invitation – people who didn’t know how starved they are for this kind of exploration. i’m spreading my wings bit by bit, and beginning to enjoy the new views accessible from here.
    Thank you for being my ally and my companion these past few years. I’m so very grateful. xoxox

  6. AMY!!!! Oh how I adore you so.
    Thank you for cheering me on and celebrating this milestone with me. It feels wonderful to have you in my corner. I also know how hard you’ve worked personally and professionally over the past few years and to see you achieve this level of confidence, opportunities and potential is absolutely inspiring. 2016 is going to ROCK your socks off. I can feel it. xo

  7. Dear Mrs Boss (sorry I feel compelled to all you that for some reason, it’s a loving one nonetheless!!), thank you for leading the way and for this blog, it is a great reminder to take stock of what we have achieved so far. Sometimes my achievements don’t feel like a big deal, as maybe the steps that I took seemed obvious or fairly simple at the time. BUT if I look back I can see I have come a long way and this deserves acknowledgement and celebration.
    So, an achievement I’m proud of – saying no to some bread and butter money, in the form of my yoga teaching and retreats. I’m proud of the courage it took to stand up and lead, but also proud of recognising when it’s time to move on.
    Thank you for cheering me on 🙂 xxxx

    1. Dear Fellow Mrs. Boss (lol!); I’ve been a loving witness to some big changes and insights you’ve made in 2015 and let me tell you what an honour it has been. Your path is solid and you are showing up brilliantly. What a joy to know you. xoxo

  8. Hi Jac – I’m so impressed with what you’ve created here and want to add my hearty congratulations on your latest achievement! Would enjoy connecting with you. Merideth

  9. Hooray Jac! Totally celebrating you up over here right now with all you’ve accomplished this year. I wear my ‘Under think it, over feel it’ shirt ALL THE TIME. Thank you for your amazing spirit — and thank you for helping me to create a new piece of my business this year – the SoulSpace Series!!! I’m celebrating that accomplishment, and toasting you in doing so, as you were a huge part of it! I’m so proud of you and so grateful to you! xoxo, Jen

    1. Oh Jen! SoulSpace Series is an incredible creation and it was an immense honour to be invited behind the scenes as you birthed this new biz-baby. The course had a very profound impact on my own relationship with self-care, I’m beyond grateful. And, I LOVE that you wear that tee all the time, it’s one of my faves as well. I’m celebrating your spirit and impact in the world right along with you! Love, Jac

  10. Love this! And I love this idea! It’s true that we spend so much time focusing on the next step that it’s hard to remember how to appreciate what we’ve already accomplished. I’m pretty proud to have birthed a baby and a business this year, and I am in awe of the learning curve in my business – how much it has already evolved in just 8 months or so!

    1. Jessie!!!! Congratulations, love. What a GINORMOUS accomplishment this year – a new baby and a new business. Your creative energy and dedication to what matters most is an inspiration to me. Thank you for showing up with your ideas, energy and love… it matters. YOU matter. xoxo

  11. I heart this post so much. So glad to see you standing up to claim your kick-ass year! Your new business venture has been such an inspiration to watch unfold. It’s great to watch a whole ‘nother side of you sparkle.
    As for my year, I’m really proud that in the midst of a damn tough year I’ve managed to move for love-of-place to a new town and become a home owner for the first time, and to have continued to hone my client work which has resulted in a new website and more focused and true direction – and a letting go of a chunk of my public identity that was ready to go. Thanks for the opportunity to reaffirm how much good has come out of the stress! I do indeed forget it at times. And here’s to so much more to come!! Big love to you, dear friend!

    1. Molly, I’ve loved watching your own transformation this past year. I would love to come visit you one day in your new home and to celebrate who you’re becoming with you (in person–add wine!!). I treasure our friendship and hold a deep respect for you and the incredible impact you have in the world. Thank you for being a steadfast champion. love, Jac xo

  12. Hi Jac

    Congratulations on Boss Of Me Tees…and I can’t wait for my ‘Under think it, over feel it’ shirt to arrive in the post!

    Thank you for reminding us to celebrate our achievements too instead of stepping over them. This year I re-launched my business to provide beautiful, functional website projects for heart-centred solopreneurs and am launching my first online group course “I Wish I Loved My Website” in January 2016. Gosh, that’s quite a lot as well as re-negotiating (and doubling) my hourly rate with my 3 day per week business coaching client for whom I provide VA services!

    Thank you to everyone who supported me this year and to you Jac, for being YOU 🙂

    Love Kate x

    1. Oh Kate–congrats darlin’!! I see you claiming your brilliance. There is an energy about you that feels electric and charged with a sense of calling yourself (and others) forth. Thank you for being here and for sharing your courage and your claiming. More please!! xoxox Jac

  13. Jac, you are such an inspiring badass! I love seeing your current manifestation of Big Magic. So awesome! I’m celebrating with you! It really does feel like magic to see your creative spark made manifest into such gorgeous clothes (with the most gorgeous model evah!) Thanks too for the invitation to celebrate. I’ll bravely celebrate that I launched a new website, taught 3 kickass online courses, hosted wonderful retreats in Santa Fe and Costa Rica, hosted 22 women in my amazing program Women Embodied Live, just last night finished teaching an amazing 14 week Embodied Life Class, revamped my client work (raised my rates) and then took a courageous pause from my 1:1 practice to focus on writing my first book and working on my next big online course. You helped me in all of this BIG TIME! It’s actually amazing to pause and write it out.
    I also want to celebrate parenting, wifeing, cooking, befriending, learning and growing my capacities in lots of ways. And I want to celebrate the many invitations that have come in this week to teach in other beautiful places, invited by great people who get the uniqueness and deep value of our work. Life is good, and damn, it’s good to celebrate! Thanks for the invite. Made my day. Only just after noon here, but I feel like breaking out the bubbly. Thank you. Thank YOU SO MUCH!!! For all. xoxoxo

    1. Dear Erin, Thank YOU!!!!!! What a delight to work with you and a true honour to know you as the brilliant and loving woman you are. I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of your journey. I am sitting here thinking about all that you accomplished this past year and it is A LOT! What a magnificent year you’ve had personally and professionally. I can only imagine how fulfilling 2016 will be for you. Sending you love and toasting you with a glass of bubbly! Love, Jac

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