Most of my work is done over Skype which means I rarely get to meet my amazing clients or the wonderful women who follow my work in-person. Chatting over a screen is practical but certainly not as fun as it would be to meet up on a Sunday morning at my favourite coffee shop and hang out with you face-to-face. I’m picturing laughter and real moments of sharing plus a massive hug.

So today, I had fun imagining how I’d finish the sentence “If I could take you for coffee…”

Here’s what I thought about:

I’d wear: My black leather converse, patched jeans and my signature tee from the Boss of Me Tees Launch Collection. I might throw on a black blazer just to add a little somethin’. What would you wear?


I’d ask you:

What’s got your attention these days?

Where are you feeling the most creative?

What’s been hard for you lately?

And I’d listen to you with my whole heart.

I’d tell you:

I’ve finally found a rhythm in my work that feeds me at a soul level. The dance between creating, doing and reflecting feels smooth and powerful. When I retrace my steps I can identify three major decisions that helped me get here:

  1. I worked diligently to address some old stories I had around money. This took time and patience, an Angel Healing Reading and emotional inner work that had to do with learning how to ‘receive’. Big lessons, crazy magic and Angels but I’ve definitely made significant progress.
  2. Which led me to raising my rates which allows me to work with a max of 10-12 clients at one time. This gives me ample time to dedicate to each client with lots of energy left over to focus on other creative projects, retreats and collaborations.
  3. I decided to SHINE. It’s my word of the year and a powerful filter for my everyday decisions big and small. Part of ‘shining’ was to gift myself with a gorgeous new website that reflects the quality and tenderness I bring to my business. We’ve just landed on a brand vibe and art direction. Next up: headshots.
Then, I’d pull out my phone:

…and show you a few pics of my baby girls. Because they’re my everything. Here we are strolling the beach at Grande Greve, Cape Breton on a recent visit to my Dad’s place:


Then, I’d ask you about:

Music, books, podcasts (and shoes, vacations and what you put in your smoothies). My daughters and I like to dance it out to Wild Things love, love, love those lyrics. I’m also grooving to the new single by local artist Ria Mae -Gold .

If you’re into podcasts, you may want to check out this episode of Being Boss with the beloved Brene.

I recently read Year of Yes by the brilliant and hilarious Shonda Rhimes.


I’m sure our coffee date would last for hours because we’d have so much to talk about. Maybe some day we will meet in person. I’d totally love that.

In fact, here are a couple of ways we could meet in the flesh this year:

If you’re craving a special get-away, deep inner-work and new allies we could retreat together beside the ocean. Talk about #shinetheory!

Or, if you’re a coach we could grab our cowgirl boots and meet up here to Find Your Fire.

Over to you

If we could have coffee together what would you want to talk about? What’s got your attention? What are you reading? What might be feeling hard for you? I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

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  1. Love this, lady! I’m going to pick up that book for some vacation reading in a couple of weeks – thanks for sharing. xo

  2. Jac, you are delicious and inspiring and I WILL meet you in person someday! I’d wear my black Equipment blouse, grey jeans, and furry black booties with a little heel 😉 And I’d tell you about my CTI Fulfillment weekend in Vancouver, which I will be doing in a separate email shortly! xoxo Can’t wait to see your new website!!!!

    1. OH YAY! I can’t WAIT to hear how it went (off to check emails now). And maybe I’ll see you in September (I say with fingers crossed and eyes shut tight hoping!). xoxoxo

  3. Haha, this is somewhat amusing, as I was just thinking to myself the other day that I would love to grab a coffee with you sometime! Soo…..what’s got my attention right now: the vulnerability of entrepreneurship. There’s a book someone’s gotta write! I’m reading, suitably and relatedly, Brene Brown’s latest book. Parenting my kids is feeling hard for me…specifically, my presence or lack thereof while doing so. See also: boredom.

    Congrats on kicking off the Tidesong retreat – it looks amazing!

    1. Jessie – we totally need to grab coffee. I’ll message you! Also – yes, vulnerability and entrepreneurship is HUGE – I spend a lot of my coaching work navigating this place with my clients. It’s rich with learning. Maybe I’ll write that book someday?! And of course parenting is so mixed with extremes of joy and uncertainty–and each stage with our kids brings up new issues. I’m ready to order “how to parent your teen” books just to get a head start lol! Sending love! jac

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