You are a powerful being and there is no
one else who has your voice, your vision,
your courage, or your spark.

There is a part of you that longs to be known.

Not for fame, Facebook likes or promotion, but for the deep fulfillment you know you’ll feel when you step out from the shadow of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

You are ready to walk boldly.

Your work is your soul’s footprint in the world, and you want to leave your mark with every step.

Your work is worthy, and it is valuable.

Money is not the reason, but it is part of the measure. Your experience, your process, your delivery – that unique alchemy of your what, how and why – is treasured by your ideal clients, coworkers and community.

It’s time you lit your world on fire.

I want you to know yourself so you can fully share your gifts, magic, and light with the world.

I want you to experience the joy of unleashed doing, so you can have those moments in your work when you truly soar in your zone of genius and show up as your best self.

I want you to unbecome everything that isn’t you so you can live and work more intentionally, honestly and brilliantly.

I want you to fall in love with your work again.

If you’re feeling unsure about your path, please do not be afraid. Uncertainty can be our greatest teacher.

I come from a long legacy of women who champion other women. I was taught that the most important thing we can do for someone is believe in them and acknowledge the beauty and strength in others until they can see it for themselves.


For over a decade, I’ve worked with women leaders, business mavens and solopreneurs, helping them show up in their work with more authenticity, confidence, intention and power. This is work I love love love, and I’ve developed a potent collection of tools, techniques and talent to help. Plus, I’ve been there. My work continues to evolve and I’m always finding brilliant new intersections between what I do well and what women entrepreneurs & leaders need.

Inner work is
business strategy.

To get to the root of understanding our business we must focus on the self, because our behaviours in our work are a reflection of what is going on inside us. Success comes when we lead our business as our true selves – intentionally, honestly and brilliantly. I believe in spending equal time on inner work and business strategy—after 12 years as a solo business owner I know the importance of both. One serves the other.

Although we focus on business, my clients appreciate that they always feel safe enough to bare their soul. In our work together we lift the “everything is rosy” curtain so we can get at what’s really going on behind the scenes.

There is no judgement. Just safe, honest revelation.

Read their words

The work I do is about long-lasting transformation. I see your spark, so you can light your fires.

At the core of what I do is an unwavering focus on you and the grander vision you hold for your life and your work.

In a Coaching Partnership, we connect one-to-one over the course of 6-12 months to dismantle limitations, leverage your zone of genius and create conditions for your work that align, excite and pay you.

On a Seaspark Retreat it’s just you, me and the sea. We design 3 days of private insight and strategy cocooned in luxury, surrounded by nature, and prepare you to set the world on fire when you return.

On any of my signature Group Retreats, you get the same luxury, logic and love for you and your business, with the additional alchemy that happens when women gather.

Kind Words

You are welcome here.

I open-heartedly recognize all types of diversity. I support Black Lives Matter and all movements to end white supremacy. I believe in the power of territorial acknowledgments and feel immense gratitude to live and work in K’jipuktuk, (Halifax), meaning ‘Great Harbour’, the ancestral, unceded, and unsurrendered Territory of the Mi’kmaq People. 

I also know that systemic racism does not care about my hashtags, outrage, or sweeping diversity statements. It does not care about performative acts of ‘wokeness’. It will only ever respond to an unwavering commitment for me, you, us to engage in tough, messy, and often painful conversations that drive courageous action and change. 

In my work and life, I take great care and responsibility to use my privilege, platform and position to influence and impact others. We all need to do the work of unpacking privilege and unconscious bias, and use what’s in our hand to take action against all systems of oppression.

I carefully select clients, collaborators, and partners who are also committed to actively bringing an anti-racist lens and approach to their work and life. We all have work to do. Every act matters.

credentials & experience

I’m a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC),  a graduate of The Co-Active Leadership Program and credentialed through the International Coach Federation (PCC / Professional Certified Coach with 4000+ hours of coaching under my belt and counting!). But what may be even more important to you is that I have the intuitive edge it takes to connect with a client deeply enough so that real transformation can happen.

Our work is not only a means to an end financially; it is a powerful vessel for our creative genius to thrive.


I continue to honour a gorgeous list of what I call non-negotiables, which means that I’m home when my girls walk in the door after school, and I rarely (if ever!) work on the weekends. You can read about how I’ve created a Minimalist Business that really works for me and my family.

I’m an INFP (high on the NFP), an empath, a Sagittarian (Aries Rising; Aquarius Moon), and a loving Mama to two little women-in-the-making and a Bernese Mountain dog named Ivy. I live in beautiful Fall River, Nova Scotia.

It’s not always easy to let someone in – but if you’re connecting with what I’m saying here, you and I could be a great fit.