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Today’s leaders are swimming in complexity. Beyond impressive competency and capability, we need leaders who are able to act with courage, compassion, consciousness and character.

In order to serve, inspire and lead at the highest level, our leaders must cultivate awareness and resilience at their deepest core. Every human — including those most accomplished leaders — benefit from pausing their high performance so they can consider, try on and practice new ways of being. We all need a soft place to land.

Where do YOU go to be heard, held and helped without judgement or expectation? Where do you let down your guard so you can stretch safely? Who is that person who welcomes your exploration of self, who urges you to probe, question and reveal?

It is my greatest gift to offer the relationship that lets you know yourself better and reveal your most fulfilled and powerful self.

Jac McNeil

As your Executive Coach, I’ll provide a robust and rewarding relationship that supports your growth.

I bring an integrated approach to leadership development, weaving together the best theory and research from the fields of leadership, organizational development, positive psychology and human potential. I look at leadership through the lens of wholeness, and see you as a marvellously complex and beautifully-integrated person.

Our Time Together

Together we will explore the thinking that’s holding you back, create conditions to change your paradigms, and explore frameworks, tools, and strategies to cultivate your creativity, courage, empathy, and agency at work.

An initial consultation will clarify whether we’re a perfect fit. If we are, then we move into an intensive foundation session to clarify your goals and address the details of our collaboration. From here, we’ll meet approximately every two weeks via Zoom with email support in between those sessions. My process is simultaneously structured and intuitive but it always holds your agenda at the centre.

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  • Unpack the increasing complexity of leadership, within a judgement-free, expectation-free space.
  • Confront pernicious patterns of overloading, over-pleasing, micromanaging, perfectionism, over-functioning, conflict avoidance, self-doubt, second guessing, seeking affirmation at every step.
  • Manage the see-saw of containing anxiety (constriction) and unleashing potential (expanding). I work with many clients on stabilizing inner states of being.
  • Re-commit to your values, boundaries, and whole wellbeing, so you can lead from an empowered, emboldened and authentic place. This includes defining, integrating and supporting you on your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey.
  • Define success and achievement, shedding “expectations” (others’/culture/patriarchy) to design what’s next in your work and life. What do you even want anymore? What are your current opportunities? What do you need to develop, discover or decide?


  • Introduction & preparation
    • Coaching preparation package
    • IEQ9 Enneagram assessment
    • Leadership Circle Profile ™
    • Other resources i.e., books and videos to deepen the learning process
  • 90min Foundation session
  • 90min LCP debrief: This powerful tool not only provides a concrete measure of your effectiveness, but informs and catalyzes an individual development path by helping you understand the relationship between how you think, how you behave, and how this impacts your current level of effectiveness.
  • Two one-hour 1:1 sessions (via Zoom) each month
  • Email communication throughout the partnership
  • Additional developmental resources and check-ins as needed
  • Coaching engagements are typically 12 months in duration to allow for sufficient learning, awareness, practice, and integration to take place; 6 month engagements are also available.

NOTE: I’m thrilled to admit that many of my Coaching Partnerships continue past the 12-month mark because of the ongoing value I provide. Clients find an ROI that they can easily justify.

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