In our Thought Partnership, I’ve got your back, your business, your head & your heart.

Whatever your next goal or current challenge is, our Thought Partnership will uncover it, demystify it, and mine the personal power you need to follow through. Because in business, having a trusted partner can make all the difference between soul-satisfying work and aimless exertion.

Together, we’ll identify those sneaky blind spots and take you to the thrilling edges of your work. As your Thought Partner I will challenge the thinking that’s holding you back, create conditions for you to change your paradigms, and offer information, tools and ideas that help you show up more boldly and encourage more innovative thinking within your work.

I created the Thought Partnership to support women entrepreneurs at their next important stage of growth.

When your soul and your work are so closely linked, (and we wouldn’t want it any other way) it’s easy to tangle up the two and lose your way. Thought Partnerships work because we go deep, talk honestly, and explore together in safety, trust and with purpose.

Our Time Together

The Thought Partnership process involves a highly specialized and seamless blend of coaching, self-leadership training and business strategy. The initial consultation will clarify whether we’re a perfect fit. If we are, then we move into an intensive foundation session to clarify your goals and address the details of our collaboration. From here, we’ll meet approximately every two weeks via Skype with email support in between those sessions. My process is simultaneously structured and intuitive but it always holds your agenda at the centre.

Within the Thought Partnership we can:

  • Identify limiting beliefs like “I’m not enough,” ”Who am I to…?,” “I’m not ready” and reframe them into empowering beliefs like “I can,” “I’m worthy,” and “I’m ready”
  • Manage patterns of behaviour that restrict your personal and professional growth (perfectionism, second-guessing, staying in preparation, avoiding difficult conversations, analysis paralysis, ignoring self-care, over-committing, being hooked on praise or staying small to avoid criticism)
  • Explore just-right solutions for your day-to-day business challenges (resonant compensation, efficient processes, difficult clients, low sales, success ceilings, toxic cultures,) using a combination of your own deep knowing and my 12 years of business-building experience
  • Create conditions that ignite your creativity, leverage your zone of genius and align you with the work you most want to be doing (thriving in entrepreneurship, leading with grace, changing the corporate culture, working exclusively with your most ideal clients)

Our thought partnership includes:

  • One preparation package; assessments; and resources
  • One 90-min Foundation session
  • Two one-hour 1:1 sessions (via Skype) each month
  • Email communication throughout the partnership

Available in 6-month or 12-month packages; 6-month commitment begins at: $6000

NOTE: I’m thrilled to admit that many of my Thought Partnerships continue past the 12-month mark because of the ongoing value I provide. Clients find an ROI that they can easily justify. That being said, it’s my experience that the 6-month timeline is still enough time to gain traction, reveal truth and effect lasting change.

Come as you are.

The most profound shifts occur when we give ourselves permission to be all we are. Transformation requires us to reveal the private persona instead of the well-composed, neat and tidy version. Achieving this level of honesty requires a very special, confidential, one-to-one relationship.

I create conditions that will give you a break from always being “on” so that you can address the tender stuff – the insecurities, doubts, limiting beliefs – and finally make a significant shift forward.

You’re not just looking
for anyone.

You need someone who’s up to the task of meeting you and your sophisticated inner critic toe-to-toe. Someone who offers a high level of trust so you can show up real, to access your own answers with courage and tenderness. And someone who offers a high level of business sophistication to address real challenges with insight and experience.

Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of aiding some of the most remarkable women leaders and entrepreneurs out there today. From the president of a multi-billion dollar company to freelancers to CEO’s of some amazing start-ups, they all agree: I don’t back down. I’m not intimidated. I bring a soulful, professional maturity and range of expertise that enables our work to unfold. I’m adept at weaving intuitive coaching with practical, business-rich jam sessions so we get where you need to go.

Every one of my past clients appreciates my fierce honesty and strategic approach. You can read about it in their own words.

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It’s a very powerful thing when someone sees you as the person you wish you were.

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