As we begin this New Year, many of us are still reeling from the uncertainty and instability in our political landscapes. Although I’m a Canadian, the aftermath of the US election has hit close to home. For most of November and December, I found myself drifting between two extreme reactions. I’d either consume every piece of media on the internet and CNN (blech) and end up feeling mired in doubt, cynicism and defeat. Or, I’d swing in the opposite direction, blocking out the world by tuning out of everything except my family and friends – in other words: I’d hide out in a fragile bubble of privilege and security.

Neither approach worked for me.

Neither approach felt true or powerful or aligned with what I value.

It’s clear that the events unfolding in the world are not a nightmare but a reality. So, it is critical that despite our misgivings, we find a way to channel our energy and realign with what we value.

We must prepare our minds and our hearts for the long game ahead. We must solidify what we stand for, take action on what is within our grasp, and continue to work towards justice. We must find a way to participate in making this world a better, stronger and more loving place and we must do this by leveraging our own privilege, experience and positions.

On January 20th, the president-elect will be inaugurated. Most of the world will be gripped and horrified while all the shenanigans go down. If you’d like an alternative to spending your day consumed by the repeating cycles of media coverage, I’d like to offer something that you might find far more productive and powerful.

I am creating Stand Up to 2017, a self-guided resource to help you reflect, realign, and rally. It’s free. It’s useful. It’s yours when you sign up here. I’ll email you your own downloadable PDF on January 20th. So instead of (or as an antidote for) getting sucked into the media coverage of Inauguration Day, you can turn off your tv, close out Facebook and tune into four inspiring, thought-provoking interviews, then work through what you want to stand for, and how you will stand up to 2017.

This resource is both a call-to-action (the world needs YOU to step up) and a support (I know these are challenging times, maybe this will help you move forward).

Your Stand Up to 2017 kit will contain four 30-minute interviews with women leaders who are committed to bringing more love, justice and equality to the world. You’ll also receive 5 Essential Questions to Help You Mobilize for 2017. These questions will challenge you to reflect on your work in the world, choose how to stay engaged, and plan ways to serve and stand as we move through the next year.

stand up to 2017

I’ll be speaking with these bold women who are all doing powerful work:

Desiree Adaway

Owner of The Adaway Group, a minority and woman-owned consulting firm that brings together multi-racial teams to work on projects related to racial equity and social justice.

Ericka Hines

Principal of Every Level Leadership, a consultant, advisor, strategist, curriculum designer, and senior trainer who works with organizations to do two things: use diversity to their advantage and leverage leadership across levels.

Heather Plett

Writer, facilitator and coach who specializes in the art of holding space for deep connection and authentic growth in individuals and communities. She hosts meaningful conversations and uses creative methods such as group storytelling and art-making to engage people in growth and healing.

Kelly Diels

Published writer, marketing consultant and expert on The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. Kelly’s feminism and work are consistently driven by two things: Love + Justice.

I fully expect that over the next few weeks I will continue my pendulum swings between world-watching in horror, and my own home-based comfort and joy. And yes, it’s crazy-making. In response, I’ll be taking my own stand on January 20th and bowing out of the Inauguration Day madness to concentrate on my wonderful community of powerful, thoughtful and action-oriented women – join us in our alt-inauguration movement.

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