I believe we come into this world with a unique, innate vision – a hidden potential of sorts – that we’re meant to discover and share with the world. At the core of what I do is an unwavering commitment to help you discover and share your unique leadership capacity, creativity, and gifts in the most meaningful ways.

Modern, model leadership is a complex mix of competency and inner states of being. Now, more than ever, the world needs us to lead with courage, compassion, consciousness and character. I look at leadership through the lens of wholeness and hold each one of us as a marvellously complex and beautifully integrated whole person.

We need solutions, but our problems are messy. We show compassion and patience, while we carry some burden of hurt. We have great aspirations and laudable visions, but we inevitably bump up against limitations, both systemic and of our own making.

Which means you — as a leader, manager, director, partner, coach, and mentor — may still wake up on any given day with a nagging problem, a corrosive thought, or some fresh, revealed hurt that you have to work around to deliver results, leadership and service at the highest level.

I co-create the conditions for executives and experts to confront the problems, pitfalls and obstacles that get in the way of their best work, their biggest vision and their boldest leadership.

We never outgrow the need to be seen, heard and coached. We keep doing the work to become wiser, to see farther, to always do better.

Jac McNeil


My work has always been about helping people find their power. For over 20 years, I’ve worked with c-suite executives, lawyers, and business leaders in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. I also mentor the influential coaches that support them, because I know that leaders grow leaders.

I love the clarity, discipline, and growth that my work with leaders produces, knowing that these humans will integrate new wisdom, find new ways to be in relationship, and proceed to lead the world in extraordinary ways. This is work I love, love, love, and I've developed a potent collection of tools, techniques and talent to help leaders fulfill their deeper purpose and potential.

I am one of only 4% of coaches to hold the credential of Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation. I have additional training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC); the Co-Active Leadership Model; completed the rigorous 10-month CTI Leadership Program and am Certified in The Leadership Circle Profile ™ and the IEQ9 Enneagram (Personal & Team). In addition, I have a Masters degree from the University of Calgary with a focus on human behaviour and change. With thousands of hours of 1:1 coaching and facilitation accrued, I have a solid reputation for helping my clients achieve transformational change.


I open-heartedly recognize all types of diversity. I support Black Lives Matter and all movements to end white supremacy. I believe in the power of territorial acknowledgments and feel immense gratitude to live and work in K’jipuktuk, (Halifax), meaning ‘Great Harbour’, the ancestral, unceded, and unsurrendered Territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

I also know that systemic racism does not care about my hashtags, outrage, or sweeping diversity statements. It does not care about performative acts of ‘wokeness’. It will only ever respond to an unwavering commitment for me, you, us to engage in tough, messy, and often painful conversations that drive courageous action and change.

In my work and life, I take great care and responsibility to use my privilege, platform and position to influence and impact others. We all need to do the work of unpacking privilege and unconscious bias, and use what’s in our hand to take action against all systems of oppression. I carefully select clients, collaborators, and partners who are also committed to actively bringing an anti-racist lens and approach to their work and life. We all have work to do. Every act matters.

All those big and small choices we make, we can make with agency and alignment.

I’m proud to have built a rewarding company around a purposeful life. I continue to honour my list of non-negotiables, which means that I spend quality time with my family and dear friends, and never miss sweating it out lifting heavy weights or in my Muay Thai training. I’ve recently discovered my love of charcoal drawing and make it an important part of my week.

I’m an SX1 Enneagram, an empath, a Sagittarian (Aries Rising; Aquarius Moon). I live with my loving partner, Dylan, my two daughters, his sweet littles and our dogs Ivy & Ophelia (it’s seriously: dog hair central).

It’s not always easy to let someone in – but when there’s a true meeting of minds, hearts, hope and dedication, we get the important work done.

Ways we can work together

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Within our private coaching partnership, we build the profound self-awareness, insights and approaches that enable you to support your people, deliver results and contribute to a greater good.

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Leadership development for your team

Leadership development for your team

By delivering custom-designed programs and individual coaching within trusting learning environments, we extend the self-awareness, collaborative skills, and leadership capacity of every member on your team.

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Coaching for coaches

Coaching for coaches

Deepen your mastery of and fulfillment from your coaching practice, through a seamless blend of private mentoring, leadership development, and business strategy.

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Kind Words

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