From clients and colleagues

I am writing this from a place of deep acknowledgement, infinite love and with many tears in my eyes (happy, grateful, powerful tears!).

When I reached out to Jac I thought I was taking “another” financial gamble at making my business work, what I felt from the moment I spoke to her was: "This time it's different". Her warmth, sincerity, knowledge and experience shone through.

Leap forward 12 months and I have a successful business I LOVE! Working with Jac helped me to address and conquer some long held limiting beliefs about myself and my business and in doing so find my own path to success.

Jac truly fulfills her role as a Thought Partner and more. I feel completely seen by her and trust implicitly that her support, encouragement, and challenge come from a place of love and respect.
Jess Rogers, Award Winning UK Business & Executive Coach
When I started my work with Jac I knew she cared about diversity and equality but I had no idea how important it was going to be for ME to have a coach who was awake to these issues. Jac’s openness and awareness meant we could have deeper, more honest conversations about what was important to me and my work. I’ve even claimed a speciality around working with minority leaders in my own work! Before my work with Jac, I was resisting putting a stake in the ground publicly about my vision for my work. There was immense value in our partnership because we could flow between tactical elements like brand positioning, website, copywriting AND being able to process deeper more vulnerable questions around my identity, purpose and current challenges. Jac was always able to meet me exactly where I was.
Jennifer Chow Bevan, Owner, Executive Coach, Path Relaunch
Working with Jac has been one of the best gifts of my professional and personal life. Jac has an incredibly intuitive and insightful way of listening to me and then offering fresh perspectives on the challenges I am facing. Within a very short time of working together, Jac developed a deep understanding of my personality type, strengths, and weaknesses. That understanding, coupled with a deep inventory of approaches to solving problems, has helped me greatly evolve – not only as a leader of a non-profit organization, but as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, community member, and advocate.

I respect Jac. I trust her completely. And I always look forward to our meetings together. Working with Jac has allowed me to honor those values I hold most closely – integrity, gratitude, and intentional living – while maximizing the impact I can have on this world.
Jane Saccaro, CEO, Kessem
Before I started working with Jac, I had trouble differentiating myself in a way that honored the nuanced, holistic nature of my expertise with being clear and pointed in what I offer and stand for. Jac helped me to get clear while also pushing my edge to take a bold stand for what I wanted to claim in my work.

This aligned positioning rejuvenated my enthusiasm for my work, created powerful discernment for the endless business choices that must be made and has created the momentum for my business that I wanted. My website and messaging is now my hardest working employee and I can increase my impact while working a normal schedule for once!

This alone is thrilling! Yet what most surprised me was the fiercely, tender-hearted emotional support I didn't know I needed to go through the repositioning of my business and becoming even more visible. Jac knew when I needed to find my own answers and when I needed to truly know more from a business perspective. This is a rare combination! My time with Jac was life-changing and I cannot recommend working with her enough.
Ali Shapiro, MSOD, CHHC
I hired Jac because I needed to figure out a better way of running my business. My business was successful financially but I was doing everything myself. I wasn’t taking vacation, I wasn’t delegating, and the stress kept me awake at night. Our work together helped me to expand my team, learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities, and to prioritize my time and focus in different ways. I now have more energy for projects, more ease in my day and I regularly enjoy vacations and time away from my business. In working with Jac, I have gained so many tools and perspectives that help me to navigate the pressures of my business more effectively which means that my energy and enthusiasm for my work is much more sustainable. Working with Jac has taught me so much about who I am, what matters to me, and what works best for me - it was transformational.
Tammi Floyd, Principal, The Floyd Group
My Seaspark Retreat was truly transformational. Jac took a thoughtful and structured approach to customizing my retreat and the result was incredibly productive. I did more in two days with Jac in forwarding my service offerings than I have done in two years on my own. Jac while totally flexible with the approach to make sure it worked for me, still held me accountable to achieving my goals for the retreat but did so in very thoughtful and loving way. Jac's intuitive approach combined with the beautiful surroundings of Oceanstone resort allowed me the space and permission I needed to focus on what was most important for me, both in what I wanted from my business and what my business needed from me. As a business owner and mom I don't get to do that very often. With Jac's expertise and care and the beauty of the ocean, the waves and nature, I felt much more than just productive and focused, I felt like I had finally come home to me.
Orla Castanien, Executive & Career Coach, Perspectives Coaching
The place of love and generosity from which Jac approaches her work is what makes her so deeply effective and extraordinary. She knows when to slow down and push in and when to give you practical advice. I found her curriculum and approach to be very empowering and I was immediately able to create the language and offerings I needed to help my business take off. Working with Jac is like working with a trusted friend who helps you stay true to your values and nudges you forward.
Katherine Kennedy, Story & Presentation Coach
Jac has been instrumental in helping me love my business. She has a knack for seeing connections, bringing crystal clarity, helping me discern what to sweat and what not to sweat. An incredibly skilled and gifted coach, Jac helps me set goals and stay true to my own values and priorities. With her warmth and wit, she is effective, pragmatic and focused. I’ve been working with Jac for three years, and anticipate working with her for many more.
Lindsay Pedersen, Owner LCP Consulting
Working with Jac is like having a devoted champion in your corner. Through working with her, I have a deeper understanding of what I’m here to do, and the way I’m here to do it. She knows to challenge me supportively, and relentlessly believes in me. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her.
Carmen Cool, Psychotherapist
I'm now into my third year of partnership with Jac; our work together continues to be exceptionally high value. Jac has worked with me to restructure and expand my team. I can now focus on core business issues and the joyful, creative parts of my business (my zone of genius), because my team is there to support me on multiple fronts. Jac has refined my branding and my message; I'm very clear on my right clients and where to find them and what I bring them. Most importantly, Jac has taught me great emotional balance and perspective in work so that I'm able to move through client/ team issues without drama. I'm unafraid of conflict and am easily able to find positive resolutions to situations that used to frustrate and paralyze me.
Allison Dehn Bloom, Owner, Dehn Bloom Design
When I began my coaching alliance with Jac, I was driving hard to have a business that felt more enlivened and authentic. Jac met me where I was (fixated, stuck and unhappy). With compassion and tremendous skill, she challenged me to reveal my true self. I ended up in a place I never could have imagined at the outset! I went from thinking I had something to offer, to BELIEVING in myself.
Lara Otte, Clinical Psychologist
From the very first time I spoke with Jac, I felt like she GOT me. She possesses a keen gift to clearly see and to meticulously listen with her whole heart. Throughout our work together, she asked just the right deepening questions, always keeping me creating from a place of true authenticity and excitement. Jac helped me to see the big picture when I was sometimes spinning in details. She strategically and expertly guided me through, using her abundance of experience and wisdom. Jac's genuine and warm nature is completely disarming, nourishingly inviting, and refreshingly playful. Having such a creative, grounded thought partner was just what I needed to grow this new part of my business, in taking the leap to begin offering online workshops that feel completely in line with my purpose and passion.
Jen Berlingo, Licensed Counselor & Art Therapist
Jac is incredibly supportive and I knew right from the outset that she was 100% invested in me and my business. She helped me to get out of my own way; to see which inner voices were serving me (and which ones were not); and above all create a solid foundation for my business to grow at a pace, which is right for me. With Jac I didn’t get 'slog your guts out and feel the burn', instead I learned how to create long lasting fulfilment and success on my own terms. With Jac, I got a business mentor who is focused on authenticity and integrity. Jac helped me build a solid foundation for my business, one that’s set-up for even more success but still honours my needs for well-being, aliveness, fun and ease.
Michele Wilmott, Life & Relationship Coach
Jac and I had an instant simpatico and I found her realness refreshing. She helped me trim and redirect where I was headed in my business. What I loved most about our sessions was that there was no airy fairy “well what does your *heart* tell you to do…?” or any vague, general, or ethereal nonsense that can’t actually be put into practice. Jac gave tangible solutions. She offered opinions that were meaty, and yet non-dominating… the choice and decisions were all mine. But she provided strong tangible guideposts and clarity without telling me what to do or leading me. That approach made these sessions worth their weight in gold.
Allison Smith, Internationally Recognized Voice Over and Narration
The outcomes from working with Jac are simple and profound - increased focus, increased confidence, more business, achievement of the goals I most wanted and heaps of personal insights and growth. Jac is both a gift I give myself and the smartest strategy that I employ in my business. As an entrepreneur, I desperately need the time to get above my business so that I can work on it, rather than in it. She helps me see the big picture and to reframe things slightly differently so I get the objectivity and insight I need. We can cover big picture vision and small incremental steps or shifts I need to make in one call. Jac sees something more for me than I see for myself and she understands the power of a strong relationship. Her warmth, love, integrity, generosity and authenticity are striking to me. It’s a powerful combination. She knows exactly when to share her own personal experience, when to give me advice and when to ask me a question to make me go deeper. I love that she blends her processes so seamlessly.
Susan Stitt, President, Performance Unleashed Inc
After working with Jac, I’m right where I thought I’d never be. Jac helped me hone in on my niche and right client, pull together descriptive copy and a body of work, and launch a website that I am PROUD of. My business has always been there but now it feels like a thing I can grow, pay attention to, advocate for and describe. Jac shows up as no-nonsense and powerful; her focus is laser sharp. I don’t know how Jac can be so hard-ass and gentle at the same time but she does it. She expertly walks the line between person-focused and business focused - with Jac, it was always about my business, except when it wasn’t. I like that she understands women, families, kids and husbands and… business, clients, deadlines and money.
Kate Bonnycastle, Freelance Copywriter
Hiring Jac was life changing. I accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed we would together: I refined my brand positioning so I could clearly differentiate myself (this included new key messaging and all new copy). I developed and launched a gorgeous new website.
I made my television debut and they’ve invited me back! I grew my list by almost 50 percent and I created and launched my brand new signature service called The 8-Week Sugar Shift! Jac is ferociously supportive, loving, and empowering. Knowing she was there in my corner with brilliant advice, counsel and mentorship gave me the strength, motivation, inspiration and belief in myself to dig deep and take the leap. She helped me make peace with my inner gremlins, kept it simple, cut through the clutter of overwhelm and kept me on track.
Michelle MacLean, Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Jac is one of the most unique people I have had a chance to meet and work with. She is positive, real, honest and inspiring. She helped me move forward with my personal and business goals. She was nurturing, calming and reassuring to my future and she was helpful with ideas and came with great questions to our calls. I got clear on my message and my work and now I feel inspired to move forward in the fast (and mindful) lane. Jac can see far and wide and she can sense a bullshitter from a mile away (and knows how to get them to work as I am that kind of person!). Jac is a person with real heart for this kind of work and I would love to work with her again.
Jessica Sandhu, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor
The impact from working with Jac has literally been life changing. Within three months, I’d started three online training groups with a total of 84 clients. I oversaw the redesign of my website, which now more fully reflects my message and who I help. I’ve differentiated my services so that potential clients could clearly understand which one is best for them. I’ve gained incredible confidence in everything I do with my business and as a result of my increased confidence and clarification about my brand, I’m more confident interacting with important people in my industry, new and prospective clients, and large groups of clients. I’ve become a confident leader, negotiator, and businesswoman now instead of just a coach. I’d been spinning my wheels for so long without a plan or real confidence but with Jac’s help, I broke through mental barriers that allowed me to move forward, and now I can’t be stopped! Jac had my best interests at heart. She showed me that my authentic self was my best self, and she models that through her own authenticity.
Suzanne Digre, Owner, Workout Nirvana
Jac is a master at listening and would take everything that I’d said and sum it up in a neat little phrase, “so, what I’m hearing is….” And she always hit the mark. My work with Jac was a game changer for me, both personally and for my business and as a result of this work, I revamped my website and logo and updated my copy to better reflect my business. I am now able to proudly articulate why I’m in this business and what I have to offer. I’m a quiet rebel. I like things a little edgy. Now my brand better reflects who I am, it feels right to me now. With Jac’s help, I identified my values and my beliefs and my confidence level soared and I signed up for things that I’ve always wanted to do (voice lessons, dodge ball, and now aerial silks!). And the best thing I have ever done for myself: I bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Badass. Jac is the kindest soul. And she shoots (kindly) from the hip – and that is what you need when you’re looking for answers. She is caring, empathetic, intelligent, an amazing communicator, and funny. Sometimes you have to dig deep within yourself to get to where you want to be. She never left my side for a minute while I was struggling to find my answers.
Shauna Austin, Owner, City Girl Cakes
I am creating workshops, retreats and speaking gigs that were once only in my dreams. Jac has a remarkable way of challenging me to dream bigger and supporting me along the way, when self-doubt starts to creep in. She sees me where I will be and holds that space until I'm ready to step into it. Her generous heart, passion for her work and love of her clients makes hiring her a no-brainer. I was blown away by what I discovered about myself and the kind of business - and life - I really want to create.
Barbara Churchill, Speaker & Leadership Coach
I routinely seek Jac out because she challenges me to create an even bigger vision than I thought possible, and she zeroes in on what’s underneath my fear and self-doubt. I’ve been in business for a while now and I already know how to do what I do. But what I need from time to time is a wise outsider to help me get clear on what’s next for my business, and this is where Jac McNeil comes in. With her great questions and fierce truth-telling, Jac gets me to a place where my goals are solid and my next steps are clear.
Kara Exner, Founder, Nine Lions Coaching
Jac is extraordinarily gifted. She saw my true desires on a deeper level. Her intuitive insights generated so many rich awakenings that inspired me to make significant changes in my life and business. I went from being on autopilot with many of my goals and dreams to knowing what I truly wanted and taking actions that supported me to thrive in new ways. I’ve let go of the fast paced demands that were stressful and now flow with more peace, love, creativity and joy every day. I feel SO fortunate to have been met so authentically, courageously and lovingly by Jac.
Michele McHall, MCC, Master Coach at WHole IQ
As a result of working with Jac, I was able to double my income, work with clients that I love and do the work that I’m most passionate about. Jac helped me to discover my unique niche and she gave me the tools and guidance I needed to develop my own programs. She is supportive, positive and approachable which is exactly what I needed to discover what was already within me. When it comes to my business, Jac is the only person I go to. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.
Marie Tower, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Working with Jac was such an incredibly affirming and abundant experience; just feeling heard and understood made such a difference. I had been holding a certain project close to my chest for almost six months, stuck behind a big self-created hurdle of fear, and knowing it was a story was not proving enough for me to just send it out into the world. Jac was so warm and down to earth and practical, helping me identify and address exactly what was going on with a kind of loving accountability that made everything feel doable. I actually came away feeling like I could do anything. If you are looking for clarity or a way forward you're not finding on your own, I couldn't recommend Jac more.
Tara Leaver, Artist & Writer
After working with Jac I feel more confident, energized, and focused on what's possible. Our work together allowed me to go deeper into what I really wanted for my business and my lifestyle in a profound way that I wasn't able to do on my own. Jac's style mixes passion with professionalism in a fresh and fun way that feels more like a conversation than another meeting on my calendar. Jac has a way of crystalizing complex concepts, which helped me leverage my strengths and pointed me in a new direction. Her resource bank and referral network was also a huge help as I moved forward into a new business niche.
Leslie Bosserman, Leadership Coach at Lead With Intention
My thought partnership with Jac helped me be courageous about business development pursuits and helped me refine content for new group coaching sessions. I loved her methods and her energy. I also loved how Jac took a strong stand on issues that came up for me as this pushed me to process my thoughts to come up with better answers. Jac is playful, spunky and fun. She can also be methodical, strategic and goal oriented. That ability to dance between fun and focus really worked for me. I now have a new website that represents me and I feel comfortable marketing myself.
Lisa Chandler, Owner, Chandler Coaches
Jac is a top shelf coach–intuitive, tenacious and compassionate. I’m happier beyond my wildest dreams with the clarity that I now have about myself, my niche, my right people, my unique service proposition, my value position – the whole kit and caboodle.
Molly Morrissey, Coach & Master Astrologer
Investing in this program is the best thing I could have done for myself–my confidence has grown so much. I had always known that I wanted to create and launch my own business but I had absolutely no clue on how or what to focus on. I read and researched constantly and still felt stuck. The encouragement I received has propelled me into action. Six months ago, I would never have envisioned having a real business, one that feels absolutely right and for the first time I feel that I am on the right path.
Christian Marie Herron, CEO and Founder of Herron Media
Jac’s wisdom guided me to see my own personal truth and what is possible for my work. After 5 years in business as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Health Coach, I have confidently refined my niche and gained extensive and valuable information on my Right People. I also created and launched my new Signature program with great success: Transform Your Thyroid: 30 Days to energize, nourish and renew your thyroid.
Sara Ashe, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Working with Jac was like unearthing my soul. We worked through many layers to excavate the sparkling spirit that I am and choose to share freely in my coaching practice. Jac is very knowledgeable and intuitive, with a fascinating set of tools to help you excavate. But perhaps her greatest gift is her ability to be present and hold the space for you to see yourself once again. I highly recommend her work to anyone ready for the deeper soulful journey.
Paula Onysko, Business Coach
Working with Jac was life-changing for me. Before signing up things were not working out in my business and I felt stuck. I was really confused about all of my services. I was teaching too many classes and trying to reach everyone but feeling totally burnt out. This program helped me figure out what I want to do, who my right people are and the kind of teaching style that’s important to me. I’m now in the process of creating my first online program and product line! Thank you, Thank you a million times, you have no idea!
Annie Pichette, Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Jac helped me to achieve real results in my business. Her coaching style is positive and supportive. She asked me questions that I had never thought of before, and got me thinking in new and more creative ways. This led to a better vision for where my business was going, and more clarity about who is my right client and which clients I should say no to. By the end of our sessions together I found my brand was strengthened and focused, I realized a niche that made my business unique, and I was able to develop special services and a new tagline. The best part is that I now feel comfortable communicating what I do online and in person. This has changed everything.
Rebecca Clarke, Professional Photographer
Jac has helped me find direction, clarity, vision, and the ability to really dig deep and ask myself the hard questions, to not be afraid of the answers. There are no words that can do justice to the way I feel about Jac and the work that we’ve done together. I have gained a renewed sense of being: stillness, confidence, empowerment and self-assurance. Jac is genuine, warm and honest and she gave me an instant sense of comfort and being at ease. I feel incredibly grateful and so blessed to have worked with her.
Beth Pye, Manager at Investors Group
Robert Heinlein said “In the absence of clearly defined goals we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it”. I can give a great deal of credit to Jac for my emancipation. She’d say it’s all me, but she was the catalyst for change. Since working with her I have taken a different path. This path has led me to my true self, an artist and writer. I’m very grateful to have worked with Jac. She is a wise and wonderful woman. Dr. Mark Albion said “Don’t get really good at what you don’t want to do”. And I say “If your life isn’t what you know it can be, call her.
Caroline Russell-King, Playwright - Dramaturge - Literary Manager