The Retreat

Light your fire

Your life. On Fire.

Although you are already busy, accomplished, strategic and admired, you also know (deep down) you can burn even brighter. You’re ready to ignite that next big idea; you’re ready to light your next creative bonfire; you’re ready to warm up the world.

Let’s lay the fire &
Light. It. Up.

A Seaspark Retreat gives you an unequaled coaching experience – one with all the elegance of a luxury getaway, the purpose of an executive retreat, and the focused attention of one-to-one coaching.

Let’s recreate your purpose from the inside out.

Learn how to say “yes” to the things you want your business/work to have — and “no” to the things you don’t.

Answer that urge: Find the words to name it, and the courage to claim it.

Come back to nature to reclaim that part of yourself that slips away in the day-to-day.

And celebrate what you’ve done and are about to do!

My Seaspark Retreat is

When we spend three luxurious days together at the award-winning Oceanstone Resort, you’ll finally get to hear what’s been calling you. We’ll work face-to-face and heart-to-heart. Together, we’ll create a powerful partnership focused entirely on you and what you most want for your work in the world.

You’ll have time to dream, scheme, plan and plot out what you want most. You’ll leave with in-your-bones clarity, a deeper love for your work and the energy and momentum you need to keep going.

Imagine all this intense and honest work, while cocooning your body and soul in fresh sea air, a lullaby of crashing waves, rocks, sand, tall trees, and open skies.


Of course we’ll set an agenda for our time together, but we’ll also have the space to follow loose threads:

You may come to refresh and recommit to your vision, then end up exploring a path in an entirely new direction

Talk about professional growth may find us surmounting your limiting beliefs

An analysis of your new income stream may change your pricing, and the way you value all your services

You’re plotting your next new venture, but what’s that shiny object that keeps catching your eye?

Whatever we design, dream and discuss, you’ll be witnessed and held with love, wrapped up in luxury, cocooned in nature.


The sun slips in with silence. Outside your window is a breathtaking seascape. Breakfast is brought to your door. We can start our work walking or, with meditation. A morning ritual to open up to the day.

We’ll continue by the fire: ardent discussion, masterful coaching, soulful strategy sessions and business alchemy. Sharing stories, breaking bread.


Seabirds soaring, ocean roaring, winds whispering to you through the trees. Time to talk or to work in silence. To nap and dream, or run and play. Honour your most productive time of day – notice how you move between creating and incubating.


A fabulous meal – hearty and healthful featuring fresh Maritime flavour. We can enjoy it together, or again, honour your need to reflect in privacy and stillness.

Unwind with a hot drink or a cold bevvy, a deep tissue massage, a roaring bonfire or cozy wood stove and star gazing from the privacy of your cottage’s deck

What’s Included:

  • An initial strategy call and questionnaire. From this, I will prepare and my team will customize your retreat experience
  • A prep package so you can start the deep dive before you arrive
  • Door to door shuttle service, as needed, to and from the Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport
  • Two nights’ private accommodation – most cottages are equipped with kitchenettes, wood stoves, spa tubs, writing desk
  • A full retreat activity program customized to you that may include (based on weather predictions) walking and/or trail hiking, bonfire ritual, beach combing etc.
  • Masterful coaching, personal assignments, brainstorming, planning and accountability so at every moment, you have what you need, and you leave with the outcomes most meaningful to you
  • Catered nutritious and delicious meals
  • One luxurious self-care treatment (your choice: deep tissue massage, hot stone, reflexology etc)
  • Free time to explore the rugged Atlantic coast, read, rest and replenish
  • A follow up call one week after our retreat
  • Gifts of love from me to you

What participants are saying

If the only thing that’s keeping you from burning your very brightest is the time, space and skillful support to name your dream and commit to it – you have met your match.


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  • A persistent call to create something new but you need the time, space, support and inspiration to answer that call
  • An intuitive nudge to slow down and listen deeply to what your soul wants
  • A need to be supported and witnessed as you clear out what’s no longer serving you
  • On the brink of another big transformation (inner or outer!)
  • Stuck, or out of sync, but unsure precisely what needs to change


  • Clarity and purpose to explain your big, true idea and the pragmatic next steps to share it with the world
  • Deep knowledge of what your soul wants and the courage to follow your heart
  • Released from whatever was holding you back
  • A visceral connection to your own powerful energy
  • A deeper love and commitment for your work
  • The energy and momentum to keep going

Join me for this transformational personal retreat designed just for you.

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